At Medipol University, the International Master Program has been designed to cater to dental professionals from different academic backgrounds. By incorporating academic, research and clinical exposure, the master program in Orthodontics aspires to offer a balanced educational approach which prepares its graduates for the real challenges of private practice. The program spans two or three years of full-time studies, and is accredited by Turkey’s Council of Higher Education (Yok). The two year program consists of lectures, seminars, and supervised clinical work. The three year program offers a supervised-thesis component in addition to the content of the two year program. The master program uses a multi-disciplinary approach with residents being exposed to an array of topics related to Orthodontics such as pedodontics, periodontics, endodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Medipol University is pleased to offer a contemporary program which develops the technical as well as the interpersonal core competencies required in orthodontics.

Program Acceptance Requirements
Applicants to the master program in Orthodontics must be dental graduates from an accredited dental school by the Turkey’s Council of Higher Education (YOK). Furthermore, as the official language of instruction of the program is English, candidates must demonstrate a good grasp of the English language.

General Objectives
Through the master program in Orthodontics, orthodontic residents will:
• Understand dentofacial growth and development
• Distinguish and correctly classify the various malocclusions.
• Diagnose and treatment plan orthodontic patients
• Communicate with orthodontic patients with their findings and recommendations
• Identify the indications for use of the various removable and fixed appliances
• Take part in fabricating various removable appliances
• Understand important biomechanic principles in orthodontics
• Understand the various uses of clear aligner therapy
• Take part in clinical treatments (bonding, archwire changes, appliance delivery, deband, etc.)
• Be exposed to important orthodontic literature
• Take part in a research initiative that is of personal interest to fulfill the research requirement of the program

Inquires About Admissions
Those interested in applying to the master program in orthodontics can contact Medipol University directly via e-mail at: orthomaster@medipol.edu.tr